P & G Training Camps

Training at the camps is a combination of technical, tactical, mental and physical aspects – with the aim passing on the knowledge of Krav Maga, updating the latest developments system, meeting new people and above all having fun! When camps decent towards the finals, you’ll be going throughout a grueling 8 hours exam while you’re being pushed to the limits and tested in Krav Maga knowledge as well as your physical capabilities. Then, you can be the one who receives the next grade in Krav Maga, and eventually climbing one more step towards the top.

KMG-USA offers two camps: In Spring and in Fall. During these camps, Eyal and/or a Global Team Member along with the help of the National Team, will take students from around the country and give them intense physical training and drills. Each training camp starts on a Friday and is 3 days long. If the student is eligible, they can test for their next rank on Sunday.

Be prepared to meet students and instructors from across the country (and in some cases, the world) and train at the next level. You'll definitely need to bring shin guards, boxing gloves, mouthpieces and any other protective gear. 

Who can attend?

All KMG students and instructors from around the world are more than welcome to attend the camps. Non-KMG students or instructors are welcome to join with the approval of KMG-USA. 

Do I have to test?

Of course not! Sometimes you don't want to test or maybe you're not eligible. Don't worry, we will make sure students who are not testing will be working hard on Sunday as well.