Law Enforcement Instructor Course (LEIC)

Modern security forces need the proper methods and tools to guide officers and agents in the development of essential technical, tactical, mental and physical capabilities. Study and training in self-defense, 3rd party protection, defensive tactics, hand-to-hand and close quarters combat (with or without a weapon in hand) is a key part of that education.

The Krav Maga Global approach takes all types of training to a higher level, with proven results. KMG avoids instructional methods which train officers to be boxers and kickers who get good results in the ring, or mere operators of equipment – technicians who only know how to use batons, firearms or other “tools” that make holes in paper targets.

KMG conduct seminars and specifically tailored courses for Law Enforcement agencies which includes relevant Krav Maga techniques and tactics for apprehending and controlling suspects, shooting range training for combination of non-lethal and lethal-force, as well as scenarios and CQB training sessions. With indoor and outdoor training, simulations and scenario-based training, participants are elevated to the highest possible level – mentally, physically, technically and tactically.

Pre-requisites (one or more of the following):

  • Personnel who are current or former full time serving members of a United States Federal law enforcement agency

  • Personnel who are serving members United States Armed Forces (full time or Reserve) and have attained the KMG Military Instructor Certification

  • KMG Instructors who are formally part of the KMG National, International or Global team and are G5 or above.

  • Have the written recommendation of the Regional Director and Mil/LE Co-ordinator giving consideration to the applicant’s character, technical standard and need from KMG’s perspective.