Kid's Instructor Course (KIC)

Course Details

KMG’s Kids Instructor Course (KIC) is conducted over a period of 5 days. The course is open to KMG certified Instructors. In addition, KMG members who have prior experience training children such as physical education teachers, other martial arts Instructors, sports and other areas can apply for the course.  Acceptance to the course is subject to the recommendation of the personal Instructor and the KMG-USA Manager in addition to the agreement of KMG HQ. The Certificate will be issued only after participation in all parts of the General Instructor Course.

KMG’s Certification for Kids Instructor offers the opportunity to:

  • Build a sense of self-fulfillment by teaching practical self-defense skills to youngsters, while nurturing characteristics such as self-confidence, courage, self-control, education, helping others, etc.

  • Assist in the development of the clubs “next generation” of students and potential Instructors.

  • Build a “whole community” which includes in addition to the children, their parents and families.
  • To grow the business and significantly increase the client base in a relatively short period.

The Krav Maga Global kids system consists of realistic self-defense techniques that are effective not only against bullies, but any adult assailant as well. At the same time, Krav Maga teaches children when it is and is not appropriate to use these techniques.

The material includes solutions to conflicts or violent situations that are most typical for each age group. They learn how to avoid or prevent these events , but in cases where the aggressor engages in physical contact they learn how to protect themselves from slaps, punches, kicks, shirt grabbing, neck grabbing, choking, attempts to throw to the ground and how to deal with the situation if thrown to the ground. Children also learn important skills such as break-falling and rolling that will assist them to get away unharmed from falls in different situations whether static (standing) or in motion (walking, running, skates, cycling, etc.).

Another important aspect for children is dealing with situations in which they might be attacked by adults (criminal assault or sexual abuse). Training the children to recognize possible danger situations, what is the best way to avoid them and if need be, how to protect themselves in the event of physical contact.  Self-defense in these cases is based on using the element of surprise combined with a strong and accurate blow to a vulnerable body part, making an escape, ask for help and report to their parents about the incident.

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