Instructor Updates

Instructor Updates are 3-day events (usually Friday – Sunday) meant to enhance your technical and teaching skills. This will be a time to ensure that KMG-USA has a consistency & continuity around what all of us, as KMG instructors, are teaching. The Instructor Updates occurring in July will include G-level testing on the final day at no extra cost. Instructor Updates in the US are offered 3 times each year for a total of 9 days of training. Instructor Updates can also be completed in other countries. During this training, instructors will be reviewed on their technical skills as well as teaching skills. You may be asked to run a warm up, teach a technique or answer questions relating to any lectures. 

Instructor Updates are required to be completed every year by all active instructors to remain in good standing. Instructors have to attend at least 6 full days of instructor training. We do make some exceptions where instructors can compensate missing update days at training camps or GIC's. Please talk to the KMG-USA Manager or National Team Manager for more details.


Examiner Lecture

The Examiner Lecture is a newly developed short course that will be implemented at most Instructor Updates to specifically teach instructors how to properly test students. Please note that all instructors must complete this lecture before being allowed to test their students.