Student ranks are represented by patches that indicate their current level. Our ranks are structured into five Practitioner levels, five Graduate levels and five Expert levels. Each level has a specific curriculum and requirements.

Practitioner Level

The beginner student is beginning their journey as a Krav Maga practitioner. At this level the practitioner is known as the "Operator"-- a student who is learning each technique step-by-step and applying the basic principles and methodologies that they have learned.


The intermediate student is entering the stage known as the "Fighter". They have successfully demonstrated proper technique and can make better decision-making skills when under stress. All KMG Instructors must be at least a G-level practitioner in order to teach.


The advanced student is entering the stage known as the "Warrior". Expert level practitioners can successfully move from one defense to the next without hesitation during unpredictable threats. They can also demonstrate strong skills in fighting tactics.