Upcoming Events 2018


Events occurring after June will be open for registration in the coming week as we confirm the dates. Please check back soon!

March 24th - Active Shooter Seminar with Eyal Yanilov - Portland, OR

April – 6-8th - Spring P&G Camp – Herndon, VA

May 26-June 3rd – General Instructor Course Part 1and Part 2 - Herndon, VA

June 3-9th– P-Camp - Hagoshrim Galelee, Israel

June 10-17th -  G-Camp - Hagoshrim Galelee , Israel

June 18-26 - E-Camp - Hagoshrim Galelee, Israel

July 1-3rd – Martial Arts Super Show – Las Vegas, NV

July 6-8th – Instructor Update – Las Vegas, NV

November 1st – School Owner Meeting – Las Vegas, NV

November 2-4th – Fall P&G Camp – Las Vegas, NV